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At Therapy Lancaster, I specialise in Low Self-Esteem.

Below, I outline Low Self-Esteem and how we can overcome it.

Click here if you're wondering how does Low Self-Esteem affect your life?

Low Self-Esteem

The Cycle of Low Self-Esteem

Early Life Experiences

Difficult Emotions

Negative Core Beliefs

Unachievable Values

Unhelpful Behaviours

Feeling you are...

  • worthless

  • abnormal

  • unlovable

  • different

  • a bad person

  • weak

  • broken or faulty

  • pathetic or useless...

I must always...

  • be strong

  • fit in

  • put others first

  • try harder...

I must never...

  • let others down

  • be abnormal

  • make mistakes

  • be weak...


Caregivers who were...

  • neglectful

  • abusive

  • strict or inconsistent

  • never satisfied with you 

  • unpredictable

  • controlling

  • over-protective...

  • shame

  • hurt

  • anger

  • numbness

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • fear of death

  • self-disgust

  • sadness

  • hopelessness...

  • people pleasing

  • procrastination

  • perfectionism

  • withdrawing socially

  • rejecting others

  • comparing yourself to others

  • worry and rumination

  • addictions and obsessions

  • neglecting self care

  • obsess over work or interests

  • seeing flaws but not your worth

  • hiding your 'true self' and fearing if others ever see it...

Low Self-Esteem

With integrative therapy, we can approach the cycle of Low Self-Esteem from many angles.

This gives us more opportunities to find change.

We always use approaches that work to your strengths.

Ready for a change?

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Online therapy or therapy in Lancaster UK

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What is Low Self-Esteem Like?

Click here for examples of low self esteem

Free consultation

A free consultation gives you the opportunity to tell me what you're going through. We can explore how I can support you and get a feel for how we could work together.

We can do this over the phone or in my office for therapy and counselling in Lancaster UK.

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